SATS results


Key Stage 2 ReadingWritingSPAG*Maths
Achieved expected standard81%88%88%81%
Achieved high standard score56%25%38%25%
Average progress4.62.40.1
Average scaled score108106105
81% achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths
13% achieved a high score in reading, writing and maths
*Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Key Stage 1 (Cohort of 17)ReadingWritingMathsScience
Level 2+100%100%100%100%
Level 2b+94%94%94%-
Level 359%29%35%47%

Key Stage 2 (Cohort of 17)ReadingWritingSPAG*MathsScience
Level 4+94%94%94%100%100%
Level 559%18%65%47%57%
Level 6---18%-
2 Levels of progress94%100%-88%-
3 Levels of progress24%6%-47%-
*Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar