School Council

Each year group from Years 2 to 6 has two representatives on the School Council. The representatives are elected annually by their peers.

The School Council is responsible for:

  • Representing class views
  • Collecting ideas and opinions from each of the classes
  • Organising charitable events e.g. for Children in Need
  • Being involved in some decision making and areas of school improvement
  • Feeding back information and decision to the classes

The Year 6 representatives help to chair the meetings and write the minutes with the support of school staff.  School Council minutes are displayed on the School Council noticeboard.

The School Council 2018-2019

  • Year 2 Councillors: Charlie and Jake
  • Year 3 Councillors: Kevin and Sunny
  • Year 4 Councillors: Imogen and Maisie
  • Year 5 Councillors: Celeste and Sophie
  • Year 6 Councillors: Imogen and Patrick