School Vision

Our Vision

The community of Sherborne St John Church of England Primary School aims to provide a high quality education which develops children intellectually, socially, morally, physically and spiritually within a Christian framework.
We aim to:

• Make the school a place of great enjoyment
• Give all stakeholders a pride in our school
• Value each child as unique in the eyes of God and encourage them to reach their full potential

To reach these aims we will ensure that:
• The school is a safe, secure and healthy environment.
• Children have the freedom to express themselves and want to learn.
• Independence and individuality are encouraged so children reach their full potential.
• The opinions, ideas and concerns of the children are listened to and taken into consideration.
• We provide an enjoyable, inclusive education allowing access to a broad, balanced, creative and relevant range of curricular and extra curricular activities.
• Consistently high standards and expectations of learning, teaching and behaviour throughout the school are maintained.
• Children are encouraged to develop a caring and responsible attitude for their environment.
• There is a mutual respect and an appreciation of the contribution of children, staff, governors, parents, the Church and the wider community.
• Effective teamwork is promoted through mutual support and co-operation.
• A positive partnership between parents and school is promoted and valued, recognising the important contribution parents make to their child’s education.
• We are an active part of the village community and make good use of the local environment.
• Every child has the opportunity to develop and be valued as a whole person – mind, body, emotions and spirit, within the context of the Christian faith.