E-safety evening

Online Safety Afternoon and Evening
We held a further E Safety information evening for parents on 9th February 2017, following an E Safety afternoon for the children. Sue Savory, a County Computing Inspector/Advisor, worked with each class from Year 1 to Year 6 during the afternoon focussing on keeping yourself safe online. For further information please refer to the following.

E-Safety Presentation notes

We held an E-safety meeting for parents on Monday 12th October. The focus of the evening was how to keep children safe online and it was well attended.

We were very fortunate that Phil Bagge, the principal Hampshire ICT inspector/advisor, was able to lead the evening. He gave a very helpful overview of how parents can keep their children safe online, what cyberbullying is and how to tackle it and gave updates on several social media sites.

If you were unable to attend the evening Miss Biles has compiled some useful notes which include some helpful websites for parents to look at.

For further information please refer to the online government tool for parents at www.parentinfo.org

E-safety meeting notes